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We are here for you to enjoy your decision to emigrate to your Dream Country from the first minute of day one! Our experiences are all very different, but we all agree that the decision to settle permanently in your dream country is a big deal. We OPALSNOW immigration will best assist you with your dream countries. OPALSNOW provides services both before and after arriving in your Dream Country. And also our services are different based on Visa to Visa and also depends on Clients need.

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If you're applying for Student Visa

We’ll help you as follows:

Personalized advice

We will help you decide the city, choose the course that best fits your objectives and budget.

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Enrollment in a course

We take care of all the paperwork to get a confirmation letter from the institution.

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English Language Proficiency Assistance

Booking Slots and providing Tools and coaching before your exam

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Processing of the Student Visa

We will help you with the required documents such as GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) letter/ SOP(Statement Of Purpose), Proof of funds, medical report, Police certificate.

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Health insurance Contracting

You must take out travel insurance for Canada, Australia, NewZealand and more.

Visa Assistance for dependents

We'll also assist students who want to take their families along to stay with them.

If you're applying for a Skilled Visa to get PR, Residence Permit or others.

We’ll help you as follows:

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Personalized advice

At Opalsnow we are Specialists in applying for Skilled Migrant Visas and We know what you need, what you are looking for and offering what best suits you.

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Clearance Report

It all starts with this report. Opalsnow provides you detailed evaluation Assessment from Professional Immigration Specialists. According to this report, We will advise you step by step and together we will draw up a plan according to your needs, objectives and budget so that, whatever you are and look for what you are looking for, you will find it the first time.

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IELTS/PTE Assistance

At Opalsnow you'll get effective IELTS training with core cracking tips by our experts.

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Transcripts Services

Opalsnow provides the best services for transcripts with tie-up partners.

Resume Writing

To Secure your next leadership role with high-performance, Opalsnow provides a One-of-a-kind resume by our Professional resume writers.

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Job Search Assistance

Surely you have heard more than once finding employment abroad is not easy without a Visa. But we'll give better job assistance with our specialist's great knowledge about how the labour market works on another side of the world.

We don't want to waste both of our precious time, if your profile not eligible for any program under Skilled Visa you'll get a 100% money refund which you've paid to us within 48 hours.

Post-Landing/Settlement Services

We will provide you with elite Post landing services to both Student and Skilled Migrants according to their financial needs.

We’ll help you as follows:

Can we help you with booking flight tickets?

Yes, we will be accompanying you to help you with the flight search