Newzealand remains the Second most peaceful country in the world, a position it has held since 2017.

New Zealand - The land of the Long White Cloud

New Zealand has continuously the favored destination for migrants trying to find a stronger quality of life with their families. New Zealand is a 2nd upmost country for migrants to accommodating work-life balance. A formidable sixty-nine % of migrants in NZ have seen an improvement in their quality of life compared to their home country. It conjointly holds the second place of Political stability and third in economic stability. Kiwis country is in the fifth position for those who want to boost their quality of life.

However, New Zealand’s visa rules square measure a small amount of advanced and difficult than different countries like Canada & Australia. Our Best Certified Process officers will guide you in a smooth way to building moving your dream country a small amount less undaunted task.

New Zealand Visas

New Zealand encompasses vary of visas for those who need to study, live, work, and settle permanently. The following visas for the well-liked to figure and live indefinitely for people who keen on an honest quality of life. However, before jumping right into it, selecting the correct visa to use is obligatory. Our Best and Genuine Immigration consultant will guide you with a systematic approach to land in your dream Country Newzealand.

Resident Visas

Skilled Migrant Category (Resident Visa)

The NZ SMC facilitates the entry of skilled migrants into NZ and it is also the easiest way for emigrants to get permanent residence in New Zealand. Migration Under this Category follows a stage by stage process

To be qualified to apply SMC New Zealand you must:

Currently, INZ selecting EOIs with 160 points or above.

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SMC Job Search Visa (JSV) (WR5)

SMC Job Search Visa isn’t a special visa. Those applying for highly skilled visas may now be eligible for an SMC Job Search visa, instead of a Resident Visa.

If you score 160 or more points and meet all of the SMC policy requirements but don’t have a skilled job offer from an employer in New Zealand or a New Zealand Master or Doctorate qualification gained after studying for 2 years in New Zealand, processing of your Resident Visa application is going to be placed on hold and you’ll be invited to use for SMC Job Search Visa (JSV).

On SMC JSV, you’ll have three months to visit NZ and nine months from arrival to seek out skilled employment. Later, the resident visa application is approved upon securing skilled employment.

Note: SMC JSV can’t be extended and you can’t include your partner and dependent children in your SMC JSV application. They can, however, apply for visitors or work or student visa on their own.

Partner Visa

New Zealand partner visa is for partners who are married or during a genuine and stable de-facto relationship with a resident or citizen of New Zealand then you’ll be eligible for a (permanent) resident visa under the partnership category. If you are in a de-facto relationship, You need to be ready to prove that you simply live together and during a genuine and stable relationship for Immigration New Zealand to grant your visa.

Note: Applicants who haven’t lived alongside their NZ partner for 12 months will initially be granted a work visa and can be granted a resident visa after complying with 12 months cohabitation requirement.

Requirements to apply for a Partnership visa.


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Parent and Grandparent Visa

Do you want your parents and grandparents to join you in New Zealand? 
Check the requirements for your parents and grandparents to experience the clean, safe, and family-oriented environment of New Zealand.
There are a few options for parents & Grandparents of NZ residents or citizens to help them join permanently or temporarily their family.

You can choose from:

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Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa

NZ Parent & Grandparent Visitor visa category allows multiple entries into New Zealand for up to 6 months at a time, for a total maximum, permitted stay is 18 months in a 3-year span, to visit your child or grandchild. You must also be sponsored by them. This visa doesn’t allow visitors to work in New Zealand. And, this visa can also only be applied for while offshore. You may include your partner in this application but if you want to bring dependent with you they will have to apply for their own visas

Parent Resident Visa

The New Zealand Parent Resident visa is for parents who want to live permanently with their adult child who is a resident or citizen of NZ. Parent visa application is a two-step process with parents initially submitting their expression of interest (EOI). If Immigration NZ finds you eligible to apply for a visa under this category, you’ll be receiving an invitation to apply from INZ. Note that INZ only picks a few EOIs for Parent Resident Visas, and also subjected to an annual quota of certain people.

Parent Retirement Resident Visa

The NZ Parent Retirement visa allows us to live, work, and study in New Zealand permanently. To qualify, you have to meet some requirements under this visa category. You need a yearly income of at least NZ$60,000. You have to invest NZ$1 million to over 4 years in the country within 12 months of visa approval, and another NZ$ 50,000 to cover your life on.