Education being an immortal resource helps one in gaining knowledge to perceive things around in a better way. The list gets bigger and never-ending when it’s about education. So keeping the doubts aside, the value of education is an evergreen topic to be remembered by almost everyone. 
Education may be common, however, the medium and process vary from country to country. When it comes to education abroad, countries like Canada, New Zealand, USA, UK, Europe, Australia and some more have built a special reputation and standard in the perception of the audience. Being ‘cost-effective’ is one crucial factor that is quite specifically spotted in these countries to pursue education abroad. 



For the most part, youngsters prefer studying abroad for various reasons that are indeed productive as well. Apart from just books and
classrooms, a student will get to see the world from different perspectives both manually and mentally when he steps out of his nation. Apart from the exposure which the students receive, there are considerably other facts worth getting reminded of.

As stated earlier countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK gives bigger credits to the students who intend to pursue education and career.


In Canada, the Students are given special priority and leniency in the immigration visa process.

A scheme named SDS -Student Direct Stream has been introduced for quicker visa processing time for students from

India, Vietnam, China and the Philippines. It is noted to have been officially replacing SPP (previous visa program, for students) and

acknowledged of being more productive and rapid using lesser financial documentation.

It’s important to make certain that the student has cleared the eligibility requirements.


With a student visa in Australia, a candidate should have passed some
eligibility criteria;


The New Zealand Government provides an ample opportunity for all Indian students to study in their country and they have set their own standard and need some basic requirements depends upon visa.

Eligible Gateways are:

For Indians commonly preferred is Fee Paying Student Visa


Europe always shows a welcoming attitude towards the students who aspire
to do overseas education.

Most of the European nations permit thestudent-visa for part-time work and on the other hand, certain countries abide by strict rules showing restrictions to the visa-holders regarding the number of working hours and they are indeed allowed to work until the stipulated time only. Yet it’s an undeniable fact that students get a lot of work opportunities to post the completion of education.

Some common requirements for student-visa process are:

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